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Local & National Furniture Removals

The first step for a successful move is to find a reliable and reputable moving company to provide you prompt and efficient service.  MoveAround is a reputable removal company established in 2005, with many great referrals. You will find that you always get friendly, personal and professional service when dealing with Move-a-round.

MoveAround can help to make your move a good and smooth experience and less the stress of moving your house or office.

Moving Services

Everybody knows that moving is a time consuming task that needs to be done the right way to ensure the safety and security of your household contents during transit. Here are some moving solutions to make the entire experience more convenient and efficient.


  • Quotes are based on the volume (size of the removal), the distance and date of removal.
  • A full and detailed list of ALL items (remember the loose stuff, attic, garage and basements) will be compulsory!
  • We need a detailed Inventory of your items to estimate which vehicle will satisfy your needs.
  • Only items listed on the inventory list will be loaded onto our removal vehicles! Keep in mind that if you decide to  take more items the total cost of your move will change. Inform us of any changes.
  • Ensure that trucks heavier than 3 Tons are allowed in the complex if applicable. Truck Heights are between 3.5 and 4.3m. Please check for arches, narrow gates, low hanging tree branches, panhandles or anything that might cause a restriction to the trucks.
  • Additional costs will apply for a Shuttle with “Bakkies” when furniture needs to be carried more than 30meters.
  • In case of moving an office or moving into or out of a flat please advise the availability of lifts.




The peak seasons for Furniture Removals are during the school holidays and also in the beginning and the end of the month. If you can avoid moving during these times and if you can be flexible with your date of removal it will result in saving on the costs of your relocation.

MoveAround Furniture Removals Truck Sideview

MoveAround Furniture Removals Truck - Frontview




MoveAround offers full
packing and wrapping services!

Yes, that’s right…

“We’ll take the wrap so you don’t have to!”

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Great tips to consider should you prefer to do your own packing

  • Complete all packing before the Furniture Removal Day.
  • Ensure that cartons are properly sealed and banded at the bottom prior to packing the carton.
  • Label/list contents of all boxes and room of origin as soon as you’re done packing them.
  • Pack cartons tight and to capacity with enough cushioning between articles. Boxes that are under filled are more likely to be crushed and boxes that are overfilled will fall apart.
  • Wrap all glassware, china and breakables individually in packing materials.  Newsprint works very well for wrapping.
  • Put crumpled newsprint or a layer of bubble wrap in the bottom of your box and then slide your wrapped pictures and mirrors vertically on it. If necessary, fill any empty spaces in the box with newspaper or bubble wrap to prevent pieces from moving around. Clearly label the box as fragile!
  • Small items, loose pieces are best protected packed in boxes.
  • Placing the heaviest items in the bottom, work your way up toward the lightest item and finish with a cushioning layer of crumpled newsprint or bubble wrap.
  • Use large cartons for bulky light-weighted bedding like comforters, pillows and blankets only.
  • Hanging cartons are available for clothes that must remain hanging.
  • Use small cartons for breakables and books(stk 5 / stk25) and medium(stk 6 / stk7 / stk26 / stk 27) for the larger items, clothes and toys.
  • Remember do not overfill or make them to heavy.  Avoid loading more than 20kg into a box.
  • When packing appliances, be sure to apply several layers of heavy- duty tape to the underside of the box. Put down a layer of padding such as newspaper or bubble wraps inside the box before wrapping and packing the appliance self.
  • When packing artwork, be sure to slip corrugated cardboard corners onto the edges of each piece.  Protect screens of plasma televisions / mirrors / glass frames with carton before you bubble wrap the item.
  • Pack books tightly on end in small boxes. If musty smelling, sprinkle talcum powder between the pages and wrap the book before packing.
  • Should your household be stored make sure to put cloves / mothballs in the boxes.
  • NEVER pack explosives, combustibles or liquids between your articles. These could cause damage and will void your insurance.
  • Disconnect all wiring and cables before your furniture removal company arrives for the Removal.
  • Keep all components together and their boxes clearly labeled.
  • DSTV Dishes: Removal companies are not permitted to take down TV antennas or satellite dishes, so be sure to make arrangements with your local cable company
  • Articles under lease or guarantee: Confirm authorization for the move with different suppliers for the removal of computers, photocopiers, fax and telephone equipment, laboratory equipment and pot plants under lease.

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